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Emergency Management Accessibility Services

Emergency Management Accessibility Planning & Emergency Facility Accessibility Surveys

Emergencies affect everyone, but some people are more vulnerable, especially those with disabilities.

UD&C can help you improve the accessibility component of your Emergency Management plan to include all populations, even people with disabilities.  UD&C can help ensure that your facilities are capable of handling the needs of a wide range of people by providing a facility survey for compliance with the ADA.

UD&C can provide Quick Checks or detailed ADA surveys of emergency shelters and other emergency facilities. Our team can survey (or train your personnel to survey) individual or large numbers of facilities.

Our experienced architects can identify innovative and cost effective solutions to individual situations or evaluate groups of facilities to help prioritize solutions and reduce costs. From parking to showers, we can help assure that all citizens can be accommodated when an emergency strikes.

UD&C can work with your Emergency Management Team to:

  • Help you identify key facilities within your system for accessibility enhancement

  • Help you evaluate existing facilities for accessibility

  • Help you develop accessibility criteria and standards for site selection

  • Train your personnel on how to evaluate and improve access

  • Consult with you or your consultants on difficult access problems

  • Develop Emergency Access Plan documentation that shows how to implement the plan and how to maintain accessibility systems and features

For more information about Emergency Preparedness & Response visit: and ADA Checklist for Emergency Shelters.

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