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About Us

Mission Statement

Universal Designers & Consultants is a team of expert accessibility designers and architects providing Accessible and Universal Design consulting services.  UD&C maintains its leadership position by providing professional and cost effective services of the highest quality, based on the most current and accurate information available.

Approach and Ethics

The following statements express our approach and ethics:

  • Clear and Correct Information is Critical: Whether it be technical documentation, expert testimony, reports, education/training presentations or articles, information must be able to be understood by the intended audience.

  • Cost Effective Services: Our employment of cost effective uses of manpower and technologies is integral to our efforts to deliver high quality services and products.

  • It’s How You Play That Counts: UD&C strives to meet the highest ethical standards by maintaining the same solidly based positions and opinions regardless of the client or project size.  We strive to disclose our positions and the potential positions of others relative to controversial issues.

  • Universal Design Requires Continuous Learning: In an evolving society, where users and expectations are constantly changing, no one knows it all.  UD&C encourages continuous learning, and collaborative decision making, and believes that we are all students of Universal Design.

  • Collaboration Develops the Best Solutions: All potential stakeholders should be involved in decision making, whether it be specifying design details or developing design standards.

  • Education is Better than Regulation: Regulations often impose onerous restrictions and stifle creativity, whereas education empowers and excites people to seek the best possible solutions.

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